Sliding and Stacker Door

Outside & Inside sliding and stacking door provide:

  • Lower resistance rolling for greater ease of use
  • Higher weather performance
  • Frame design is very square, with a 19mm flange
  • Eliminating or reducing trip hazard.
  • Slider and Stacker door options with multiple configurations available.
  • Easily replaced track system, should damage occur.
  • Use in wind zones up to and including Extra High.

Slider and Stacker Doors

Being able to walk from the inside of your home to the outside without having to step over a pronounced door frame is a great feature for your home and commercial applications. Reducing trip hazards is a safety benefit for all environments, meaning your home is safer for children, the elderly or when carrying food and beverage to outdoor entertainment area.

The other key attraction of the Slider/Stacker Door is its seamless appearance, the reduction of obstacles in a high foot traffic area enhance the living space with clean lines and improved lifestyle aesthetics.

Couple the advantages of a level walk surface with the benefits from a sliding or stacking door and you have a great door product, again for either the home or commercial projects.


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