UrbanSlider™ / UrbanStacker™

UrbanSlider™ sliding and stacking doors offer greater flexibility for designers. Doors can be as high as 2.7m.  The external bottom rolling panels provide an attractive clear sill along with a low friction easy rolling action.  Panel sizes of 36mm accommodate up to 24mm double glazing for improved insulation protection.

  • Door panels are 36mm wide and can accommodate a variety of pocketed, beaded stiles, interlockers, and rails to provide for greater security and flexibility in glazing.
  • A range of 10 beads are available to accommodate glazing options from 4mm to 24mm. This enables a variety of finishing styles from sloped to square and optimal air spaces with 22mm glass in a pocketed panel.
  • Square box panel interlockers, stiles, and bi-parting centre jointer (4PJ).
  • Wide lock stile options to accommodate a wide variety of pull handles and flush pulls are available.


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