(Passive Ventilation)

Aluvent™ Passive Ventilation is an important factor in minimizing energy use in buildings. Ventilation considerations are important for healthy buildings, good ventilation is required to ensure air circulates and the environment remains fresh.

For maximum effective performance there needs to be a cross flow to ventilate the building. Aluvent™ is a passive ventilation system that allows the free flow of air from the inside to outside of the building through a secure screened mechanism that can be opened or closed.

Aluvent™ can be installed in most windows and doors, either at the bottom or top, or both. There are some limits on the configuration options, so consult your local Altus Window Systems Fabricator, or call Altus Technical Support (0800 925 500) for more details.

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Aluvent™ provides:

  • A controlled form of airflow into a building via a ventilation slide.
  • Secure and weather protected way of providing ventilation when occupants are away from the premises. Perfect for beach houses and wet areas like ensuites, bathrooms, laundries, etc.
  • The vent is fully adjustable from the inside, and has an insect proof mesh.

The Aluvent™ passive ventilation system allows rooms to ventilate while windows and exterior doors are closed. This reduces condensation and provides a healthy air exchange. It also helps to achieve minimum air exchange requirement of the building code.