Smartfit™ is so easy to install

Smartfit™ is a ready-to-fit cassette window system. The windows and doors arrive with built-in head flashings, jamb flashings, cavity closers, end dams, sill support bars and clever water management features.

You no longer need to worry about internal tapes, PEF rods or expanding foams. So there’s less onsite materials, waste and handling, saving you time and money.

All you need to do is place the window in the hole and screw into position through an outer fixing fin.

At the end of the day, you can close in a house much faster, and get onto other jobs sooner.

(*available from specific branches – contact us for details)

Performance & Compliance

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We chose to use Smartfit windows as the key tool to combine with a RAB (OSB) product for reasons around wanting to be able to have our houses "closed in" at the earliest possible time.

ARVI CROSSLAND | Equity Building Limited

Superior Weathertightness

Much has been done to improve the weathertightness with these windows.

The window opening weatherline has moved out to the face of the wall underlay. This no longer allows the weatherline to extend inwards to the back side of the internal wall lining, so any failure water would drop into the cavity instead of onto the framing trimmer.

The only deviation to the weatherline is with deep reach sliding and stacker door frames where parts of the frame extend back beyond the Smartfit® weatherline. In this case a patented ‘dry block’ provides a catchment area if a frame joint were to ever fail.

The air seal has also moved out to the wall underlay line. An air seal is created by the fixing fin and the face tape.

The bottom window frame corner soaker blocks are high sided, so the highest point is higher and further back than the highest possible leak point of the window frame. It means there’s less critical reliance on sealants in the joint performing during transport and installation, or over the long term.

The top hub arrangement is a total water management system, complete with end dams and drainage paths which deliver water safely to the jambs and exit via the sill.

The bottom corner soaker block receives all potential failure water and diverts it to the exit. The jambs have a back flashing system at the cavity batten line, and the sill support structure has drip features.


(*available from specific branches – contact us for details)

weathertight in under four hours

Project Details

Client: Versatile Homes and Buildings - West Auckland

  • Single level, 214 SQM House
  • 21 Units: 13 Windows and 8 Doors
  • Ecoply® Barrier RAB Board
  • Brick veneer on timber framed cavity construction
  • Four installers

University of Auckland edfab project

Project Details

'EDFAB (Eco Digital FABrication), was created by a group of researchers at The University of Auckland. 

The system consists of stackable, repetitive plywood cabinets, which are structurally braced using ‘butterfly plugs’ as joints.

Smartfit was ideal for this modular construction.