Already New Zealand’s leading solution for glass curtain walls, the highly versatile Flushglaze range is now available in greater depths (106mm, 136mm, 159mm), giving superior strength and meaning increased spans can be accommodated before a larger base size is required.

With over 40 years of history under the BALTIC™ Commercial (formally Oakley) brand, Flushglaze by Altus Window Systems is a proven product. BALTIC™ Commercial is well known as a leader in design solutions for curtain wall façade. 

The system integrates seamlessly with our other product suites, including the Atlantic and Shopfront ranges, to ensure a flawless architectural result. So why not talk to the team with a proven track record for your next project.


  • Improved Strength & Performance
  • Optimal Efficiency
  • Versatile Glazing Options
  • Cross Platform Compatibility

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Improved Strength & Performance
With deeper pockets that give increased glass ‘bite’, the new range exceeds New Zealand compliance requirements. Stack Joints capable of up to 20mm of movement and full perimeter seismic frames mean the facade is semi-isolated in the event of an earthquake.

Optimal Efficiency
As well as improving aesthetic, the new depths reduce time and cost to build, providing a highly efficient solution for the client.

Versatile Glazing Options
The updated product suite in some configurations can accommodate single or double-glazing, up to 28mm thick. Both captive and structurally-glazed options are available.