At Altus our objective is to minimise the environmental impact of our Aluminium manufacturing and operational activities.
To meet this objective, we have put in place a number of programmes that will deliver zero waste and zero incidents in the workplace.
Below are a number of these:
  • Lean Manufacturing, which reduces waste and improves worker safety and operational performance.
  • Recycling of Aluminium both at a manufacturing and Fabrication level including packaging and construction site waste.
  • Gate to Gate is an Altus initiative to reduce and manage the environmental impact of the aluminium throughout its journey from the NZAS gate to yours.

Lean Manufacturing

The principles of lean manufacturing, which form part of our overall strategy are:

  • To avoid creating waste wherever possible.
  • To recycle waste products where avoidance is not practicable.
  • Preference for suppliers who adopt similar green policies.
  • Reduce our energy use wherever possible.
  • Use zero or low VOC (volatile organic compounds) products wherever possible.
  • The promotion of green principles within the organization and to all stakeholders.
  • To provide a healthy and safe workplace for all staff.
  • To choose workplace environments that have been designed with green principles.
  • To do our best to reduce the environmental impact of our existence for the benefit of all stakeholders and our community.

Recycling of Aluminium

Aluminium can be recycled indefinitely as reprocessing does not damage its structure. Aluminium is also the most cost-effective material to recycle. Reprocessing the scrap uses about 5% of the electricity needed to produce the original primary aluminium and its CO2 emissions footprint is significantly smaller. This makes aluminium a very successful and environmentally friendly recycled product.

By recycling your aluminium you will reduce your cost of waste to landfill and ensure that an important resource is not wasted.

Scrap aluminium from manufacturing, building demolition, and market collections achieves high sale values and is readily purchased, making aluminium one of the most successfully recycled products used in the construction industry.

Gate to Gate

Gate to Gate is an Altus initiative to reduce and manage the environmental impact of the aluminium throughout its journey from the NZAS gate to yours. This includes Transportation, Manufacturing, Packaging, Fabrication and Recycling of any off cut metal.
We are working with our trusted partners to ensure the very best outcomes for Home Owners and for the for New Zealand environment.

Building for climate change

With guidance from MBIE (Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment) Altus are working on reducing emissions from buildings during their construction and operation, while also preparing buildings to withstand changes in the climate.
For more information on MBIE's new Building for Climate Change programme, visit:


In addition to our work with Gate to Gate, Lean Manufacturing and working with MBIE, Altus is a proud partner with Rio Tinto and the NZAS Aluminium Smelter in Bluff, New Zealand. NZAS produces some of the world’s cleanest aluminium at approx. 2Mt CO2-e/t Al compared to China which is predominately coal @ ~18t/CO2 per t/Al.
To learn more about NZAS and their environmental performance, visit: