At Altus our objective is to minimise the environmental impact of our Aluminium manufacturing and operational activities.
To meet this objective, we have put in place a number of programmes that will deliver zero waste and zero incidents in the workplace.
One of these is lean manufacturing, which reduces waste and improves worker safety and operational performance.

Lean Manufacturing

The principles of lean manufacturing, which form part of our overall industrial strategy are:
  • To avoid creating waste wherever possible.

  • To recycle waste products where avoidance is not practicable.

  • Preference for suppliers who adopt similar green policies.

  • Reduce our energy use wherever possible.

  • Use zero or low VOC (volatile organic compounds) products wherever possible.

  • The promotion of green principles within the organization and to all stakeholders.

  • To provide a healthy and safe workplace for all staff.

  • To choose workplace environments that have been designed with green principles.

  • To do our best to reduce the environmental impact of our existence for the benefit of all stakeholders and our community.